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ADAEZE: Meaning And Pronunciation By Donald IfesinaChi (Dicn)

ADAEZE: Meaning And Pronunciation By Donald IfesinaChi (Dicn)

Adaeze: Literally means First daughter of a king- “Ada” (First Daughter) “Eze” (King)

In ancient times in Igboland, the name was exclusively for First Daughters of Kings.

In modern times however, non royalties and sometimes, none first females bear this name, in which case, king (Eze) in the name is usually a reference to God (especially among Christians), while the second meaning of Ada (Daughter) is what is used in the name; thus “Daughter of God” .

In some cases however, noble parents may not be referring to God in the name but to the actual father of the female, who sees himself as a king, thus “Daughter of a king”; some would say they’re referring to both- the father and God.


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