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NGOZI- NGOZIKA: Meanings & Pronunciations By Donald IfesinaChi (Dicn)

NGOZI- NGOZIKA: Meanings & Pronunciation By Donald IfesinaChi (Dicn)

NGOZIKA means Blessing Is The Greatest. It goes thus: “Ngozi” (Blessing) “Ka” (Is The Greatest)
By the way, “KA” ordinarily means “Is Greater” or “Is Bigger/Larger”. However “ka” is also an acceptable SHORT FORM for “KACHA or KACHASI”, which means “IS THE BIGGEST/ LARGEST/ GREATEST”. It is in the latter context of “ka” being a short form for “Kachasi” that the name “Ngozika” is coined, meaning “BLESSING IS THE GREATEST”.
The short form of “NGOZIKA” is “NGOZI”, which means “BLESSING”.

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