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CHIJIOKE: Meaning And Pronunciation By Donald IfesinaChi (Dicn)

CHIJIOKE- Meaning And Pronunciation By Donald IfesinaChi (Dicn)

CHIJIOKE: Chijioke is an Igbo name given to Males. Some Igbos also bear it as Surname.

Chijioke means “The God or Deity that Holds Portions or Is In Charge of Portions”. Portions in this context refers to People’s Dues, Allotments, Benefits or Rewards. So the name Chijioke is a call to a “Divine Handler of Allotment/ Portions”, usually God or a deity. It goes thus: “Chi” (God or Deity) “Jioke” (That Handles Allotment/ In Charge of Allotment).

A certain pronunciation of the name “Chijioke” takes it away from Noun realm and puts it into that of Verb. So, instead of “God/ Deity in Charge of Portions/ Allotment”, it becomes “God/ Deity IS IN CHARGE of Portions or Allotment”. It goes thus: “Chi” (God or Deity) “Jioke” (Handles Allotment/ Is In Charge of Allotment).

When it is personalised as “Chijioke mu” or “Chijioke m’”, it could be interpreted in two different ways.
(a) MEANING BASED INTERPRETATION: “God/Deity in Charge of MY Portion/Allotment” OR “God/Deity IS IN CHARGE of MY Portion/Allotment”.
(b) POSSESSION BASED INTERPRETATION: “My Chijioke” (Usually used by a Parent, Lover and people who consider themselves very dear to the possessor of the name).


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