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Amara/ Amarachi/ AmaraChukwu- Meanings & Pronunciation By Donald IfesinaChi (Dicn)

Amara/ Amarachi/ AmaraChukwu- Meanings & Pronunciation By Donald IfesinaChi (Dicn)


This is a name given mostly to females, for no strong reason. A little percentage of males bear the name anyway.
Amara means “Grace”.
Although Amara (Grace) can stand on it’s own, but for most bearers of the name, Amara is just a short form of the name they bear. The full form is usually “AmaraChukwu/ Amarachukwu”, which means “Grace Of God Almighty”. It goes thus: Amara (Grace) Chukwu (God Almighty).
In Igbo language, the exclusion of “Nke” (Of) from between Amara and Chukwu does not make the meaning incomplete; it still makes complete sense. So, instead of saying “Amara Nke Chukwu”, you just say “AmaraChukwu”.
Another short form for AmaraChukwu is AmaraChi/ Amarachi. In Igbo language, the word “Chi” is an acceptable short form for Chukwu (God Almighty), but is a word ALSO USED for Deities. So, when one says AmaraChi, it is naturally expected that the person is referring to the Grace of God Almighty and only using “Chi” in this context as a short form for “God”. However, if the bearer of the name or the giver is a believer in deities, the “Chi” suffix in AmaraChi (Amarachi) could be a reference to a deity, not God.


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