Ebere/ Ebele — EbereChukwu/ EbeleChukwu- Meaning & Pronunciation By Donald IfesinaChi (Dicn)

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Ebere/ Ebele — EbereChukwu/ EbeleChukwu- Meaning & Pronunciation By Donald IfesinaChi (Dicn)


This is a name often given to females, for no strong reason. However, a little percentage of males bear the name too.
Ebere means “Mercy”.

Although Ebere (Mercy) makes complete sense, but for most bearers of the name, Ebere/ Ebele is just a short form of the name they bear. The full form is usually “EbereChukwu/ EbeleChukwu”, which means “Mercy Of God Almighty”. It goes thus: Ebere (Mercy) Chukwu (God Almighty).

In Igbo language, the exclusion of “Nke” (Of) from between Ebere and Chukwu does not make the meaning incomplete; it still makes complete sense. So, instead of saying “Ebere Nke Chukwu”, you just say “EbereChukwu”.

By the way, the difference between Ebere and Ebele is only a matter of dialect; same with EbereChukwu and EbeleChukwu.


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